An unnamed official from China's Ministry of Information Industry has disclosed to local media that MII will soon release a new standard for resolving mobile short message addresses.

The official says that the new standard consists of five parts, including the general technology requirement; business demand specification; system coding rule and technical requirement; system interface and protocol technology requirement; and service flow technology requirement. The standard has already passed the approval of China Communications Standard Association.

Short message address resolution is a new concept developed based on the same idea as Internet domain name address resolution. On the Internet, domain names are resolved with the help of root servers that query Domain Name Services when looking up or resolving a top-level domain name.

By binding Internet information with mobile communications service, this new mobile resolution service enables users to enjoy mobile information services with short message or WAP. MobNIC, an institution jointly formed by China Action Communications Federation, the Telecom Research Institute of MII, China Mobile and China Unicom, began to make the relevant standard and management rules on short message address resolution from the beginning of 2005.


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