Chinese media report that The9 (NCTY) has stopped running the Super Girl World Online computer game and dismissed the team that is responsible for operating the game.

Super Girl World Online is a leisure game operated by The9 and Shanghe Hudong with the permission of EE-Media. The three parties have held great expectations for the game and hoped that it can achieve the same success as that of the Super Girl Voice contest. However, the game has not run as smoothly as they expected, proving that addictive, creative computer games are extremely difficult to build.

Interestingly, EE Media has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with another computer game operator Kingsoft for integrating many of their games and to jointly auction the personal belongings of the Super Girls.

The9 is quoted in local media to be neither sad nor happy with the result of operating the Super Girl World Online because it was not optimistic from the outset that the game would make any profit and it is busy with developing some other unnamed big games. This should make investors shudder.


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