With the popularization of computers, complaints on the after-sales service of computers are on the rise in China.

The China Consumers' Association has published a list of the five major problems existing among the computer after-sales service in service. The five problems are a lack of service sites in the rural areas, few service sites in less developed regions, long periods for maintenance, big difference in service charges and uneven repair levels.

CCA's statistics show that complaints related to computer use reached 23.6% in 2006. CCA says that compared with other goods, more failures are likely to occur during computer consumption as this type of good often needs to upgrade, install anti-virus applications and add new fixes, so professional service support is needed for solving these problems.

CCA suggests consumers buy branded computers whose manufacturers provide one-stop services that combine production, sales and after-sales service and for them to better know about the service level of a computer brand owner before they buy the goods. In addition, consumers are suggested to ask for a list that contains contact details of the computer maker and maintain the relevant invoices and product specifications.


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