Led by China Mobile (CHL), a number of wireless value-added service providers including Sina.com (SINA), Tom.com (TOMO) and Kongzhong.com (KONG), have jointly formed a non-profit institution called Monternet Credit Consensus Alliance.

The parties have issued a public letter in which they say that they will work to promote the healthy and sustainable development of Monternet through this alliance.

Monternet Credit Consensus Alliance will implement three concrete measures following their foundation. First, they will create a complete agent supervision mechanism to keep track of and identify problems existing in the industry and hand over the supervision results to the alliance members for a solution. Second, they will keep their information transparent and open and be willing to accept the media and the public's inspection. Finally, they will give a timely response to media reports and clarify any untrue reports.

The Chinese WVAS sector has been hit in recent months by problems associated with overcharging and consumer complaints.


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