A representative from the Internet Society of China says the ISC will soon issue a blacklist of malware and their makers.

The list should be distributed before May. ISC says it received about 1200 reports of malware at the end of last year. Yang Junzuo, secretary general of the Self-Discipline Work Commission of ISC, says that they have asked the concerned parties that have been reported as malare makers or operators to rectify themselves within two weeks and those who fail to correct their wrong behavior will be published in the malware blacklist.

According to report, there are 130 malware active in China. However, as there is no legislation on malware in China, the management of this kind of software mainly relies on the self-discipline within the industry. During the recent NPC and CPPCC meetings in Beijing, some deputies proposed drafting legislation on malware, but the policies were not formulated.

ISC defines malware as software that automatically installs itself and runs on users' computers, without clear indication or the user's prior approval, and does harm to user's interests.


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