Electronic Arts (ERTS) says its game "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning" will soon arrive in China.

"Warhammer Online is coming to Asia," says Hubert Larenaudie, President of EA Asia Online. "WAR is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs today and we are excited to bring the game to Asian audiences. With its unique RvR system and rich end game content, Warhammer Online is sure to set a new standard for MMORPGs in Asia."

Th company has setup a website at warhammer-online.com.cn for Chinese gamers to get a peak at the development of the game.

"Over the last twenty-four years, Games Workshop has crafted and refined the Warhammer fantasy universe into one of the richest intellectual properties in the world," says Mark Jacobs, GM of EA Mythic and lead designer of WAR. "Combine this with EA Mythic's expertise in creating massively multiplayer online games and the result is a title that we look forward to presenting to the exciting and vibrant Asian market."


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