The Wi-Fi Alliance is planning its first annual China Wi-Fi Summit on September 26, 2007.

"China is very important to the Wi-Fi industry, due to increasing adoption of the technology in Chinese homes and enterprises, as well as the key role that Chinese firms play in the development of Wi-Fi equipment and services," said Wi-Fi Alliance managing director Frank Hanzlik. "We believe the time is right for a world-class event such as the China Wi-Fi Summit, so that Chinese and multinational firms can come together for learning and networking."

The China Wi-Fi Summit will feature a two-day conference featuring keynote addresses and panel discussions on a wide range of technical and business topics. In addition, the conference will feature a vendor expo with product demonstrations and interoperability testing events. The Wi-Fi Alliance and BII group expect that Chinese firms and multinational corporations alike will participate in the event as demonstrators, speakers, and sponsors.

This event further signals the significant growth of the Wi-Fi market, with an installed base of three hundred million users and a worldwide growth rate of 25% per year. Chinese firms are increasingly developing equipment for the world Wi-Fi market, as well as the Chinese market. According to Analysys, the size of the China market for networking equipment is expected to exceed CNY10.3 billion next year.


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