IDT (IDTI) says that ZTE has chosen the IDT system packet interface 3 to SPI 4 flow-control management solution for use in the ZTE 3G core network systems.

IDT says ZTE chose the IDT solution to help it provide improved quality of service to customers enabling multi-function support, such as circuit switching, channel assignment, call connection handling and network traffic control enabling improved reliability, availability and dependability for millions of 3G phone users.

In anticipation of the widespread adoption of the 3G network in China, ZTE is integrating the IDT system packet interface flow control management features of switching, aggregation and rate adaptation, for 3G core network systems that support TDS-CDMA, W-CDMA and CDMA2000 protocols which provide enhanced high speed mobile data services for end-users, critical services for a country hosting the 2008 Olympic games.

The IDT solution allows ZTE to retain much of original 2G architectural design while enabling the upgrades needed to match the hardware performance needs of the next generation services protocols and software of 3G. In addition, the flow control management solution enables the ZTE system connectivity to switch from location to location, such as from a GSM/GPRS to a 3G network on-the-go, handling routing, IP address authorization and authentication, and in receiving data packets from networks.


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