BIZ Outsourzing has acquired the business operations of Guangzhou Yin Han Technology Company Limited, a mobile game developer and distributor incorporated in Guangzhou.

The share exchange agreement provided for the purchase by BIZ of all the outstanding shares of common stock of Free World International Limited, a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, through the exchange for 40,000,000 newly issued shares of common stock of BIZ. All the outstanding shares of capital stock of YinHan are held in trust by Free World and, hence, YinHan becomes a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of BIZ.

Incorporated in 2001, YinHan is a mobile games developer in China whose game library includes popular role playing game 'Journey to the West' and 'Essence of Swords', both distributed via China Mobile network.

The accumulated subscribers of YinHan games have reached 4 million in Guangdong Province as of December 2006; among which 1.36 million are in Guangzhou.


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