Huang Ruiren, CEO of Philips China, has disclosed to local media that Philips China is currently undergoing a series of business reshuffles, including a personnel adjustment.

Huang says that Philips China aims to develop China as their largest commercial electronics market in five years and it therefore started the reshuffle at the beginning of this year. As the largest production department of Royal Philips, Philips China is engaged in a large variety of fields ranging from flat-screen TVss and DVD to earphones and LCD screens, but the lack of unified leadership and planning and the unclear division of each functional department has reportedly hindered the company's development in China.

Before the beginning of this year when Philips China sold its mobile phone business to China Electronics, Philips China was comprised of four major business departments of Mobile Phone; Color TV; Monitor; and Audio and Video. Right now, the company's business has been restructured as Color TV Department; Audio and Video Department; Fittings and Computer Peripheral Equipment Department; and Multimedia Display Department.


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