Wu Shulin, deputy director of China's General Administration of Press and Publication, said that China's online game industry has entered a new phase of rapid development and the online game market scale will break CNY30 billion in 2010.

Wu made the remarks at the 2007 China International Audio and Video Electronics Exposition and Summit Forum.

Local media report that China's computer game market scale reached CNY8 billion in 2006. Compared with the early stage, Chinese computer game companies now possess stronger capacity in development and marketing and some of their games have been exported to overseas markets. Companies such as CDC Corporation have made inroads into places like Japan and Australia in search of new turf to spread their gaming businesses.

Wu says that since China's national computer game publication project was initiated in 2004, domestic companies have developed more than 40 types of computer games on their own, which have accounted for over 60% of the computer games run throughout the country's total computer market.


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