Local media reports that Tom Eachnet will launch a new C2C platform in the middle of this year and by that time it will move all the goods of eBay Eachnet users to the new platform which bears a new domain name.

The new platform is specially designed for the China market and is different from the current eBay Eachnet website, as it makes an improvement on both speed and user navigation. It is expected to be formally launched around July this year. The company has not yet divulged the new domain name.

Tom Eachnet was set up in December 2006 as a joint venture company between eBay and Tom Online. eBay holds 49% of the company's stake and Tom Online the remaining 51%. The new platform will combine eBay's experience in e-commerce and Tom Online's resources in wireless services and it aims to seek a new breakthrough in the mobile service.

Tom Online will be responsible for the actual operation of the new platform.


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