News from the Shijiangzhuang Netcafe Industry Credit and Self-discipline Conference is that Shijiangzhuang will soon set up a netcafe credit system and publish its data online to strengthen the management of netcafes.

The netcafe credit archive will include a netcafe's basic information , including their record in public welfare causes or punishments receive from administrative departments.

The Shijiazhuang Culture Department has reiterated that netcafes that do not abide by relevant rules, such as hanging their business license or a sign to ban teenagers' entry to their premises, not installing management software on their computers, or altering their business scopes without being approved, shall be given a warning or asked to rectify themselves within 15 days. Their business license may also be revoked as part of the punishment. All this will be recorded in the netcafes' credit archive.

Users can find the archive of netcafes online through the website of the Shijiazhuang Culture Department.


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