The Beijing Municipal Department of Industry and Commerce and Beijing Municipal Consumers' Association have jointly released the names of six companies in Beijing's Zhongguancun electronic malls of Dinghao, Hailong and Kemao for selling goods at prices much higher than the market level.

The six companies are Beijing Ousuo Tiandi Digital Technology Co., Ltd at Dinghao Plaza; Beijing Puchuang Tiandi Technology Co., Ltd at Dinghao Plaza; Huatai Kangheng (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd at Hailong Plaza; Chuanghe Shikong Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd at Hailong Plaza; Beijing Jiahe Chuangxin Technology Co., Ltd at Hailong Plaza; and Beijing Nahai Boji Technology Co., Ltd at Kemao Digital City.

During the recent Labor Day holiday, BMCA received 53 complaints, with most concerning sellers in Zhongguancun who were blamed for selling goods at exorbitant prices. Qu Jianhui, secretary general of BMCA, says that it is difficult for them to solve this kind of complaint as the price was verbally bargained between the sellers and buyers.

For this reason, Qu reminds consumers to pay attention to the quality of the goods and know the related information before they make a purchase. Fortunately, many Chinese websites do have suggested retail prices for electronics goods, and consumers can often first do their research online before purchasing at these markets.


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