A survey from China's Ministry of Information Industry regarding consumers' opinions on the upper limit of domestic roaming fees shows that over 50% of the consumers call for a same price standard for domestic roaming service and local calls.

MII and China's National Development and Reform Commission initiated the procedure of evaluating the domestic roaming fee at the end of April in an effort to reduce the domestic roaming fees. The online survey is to be completed on May 31 and the final measure will be published in December 2007.

Until May 9, more than 2000 mobile phone users had joined in the survey and half of them strongly appealed for a same price level for the roaming service and domestic calls.

The existing upper limit for domestic roaming service in China is CNY0.8 per minute for prepaid calls and CNY0.6 per minute for other calling services. In comparison, the domestic calling fee is much lower.


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