CDC Software, a subsidiary of CDC Corporation (CHINA), has acquired Syndmail, an email marketing and communication solution from Red Clay Consulting.

This add-on product is designed for companies wanting to execute simple, targeted and effective email campaigns with their Pivotal CRM solution. Pivotal is a brand under CDC Software.

Syndmail is already integrated with Pivotal CRM and features web-based customer preferences and opt-in/out administration, response tracking including read, click-through and bounce backs, a bounce-back engine to monitor and report bad emails and analysis and reporting on customer responses and interaction.

"Syndmail provides Pivotal customers with a cost-effective option for managing their discrete lead generation activities with simple, highly effective email campaigns," said Bruce Cameron, senior vice president of CDC Software's CRM Solutions. "The solution is built entirely within the Pivotal CRM tool set, providing out of the box integration with the Pivotal CRM applications."

Approximately 25 customers in North America are currently using Syndmail with their Pivotal CRM systems.


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