(SINA) says it is working with China Telecom to launch a co-branded video sharing platform under the brand name of "Sina-Vnet Podcast."

Charles Chao, president and CEO of Sina, says, "Although video sharing is still at an infancy stage in China, we believe this will prove to be a fast growing trend in China in the near future. Through the Sina-China Telecom partnership, we hope to not only provide internet users in China the best multimedia experience, but also offer a scalable solution for video sharing without being constrained by bandwidth and related costs."

Under the strategic alliance, the co-branded site will be hosted on but Internet users will also be able to access the Sina-Vnet Podcast platform via China Telecom's portal

"China Telecom will continue to improve the networking quality to ensure that 'Sina-Vnet Podcast' delivers the best user experience," said Keke Yang, general manager of China Telecom's Value-Added Business Division. "We believe that our efforts to provide podcasting service will lay solid ground work for China Telecom to continue to explore new business model that will add value to our partners as well as our customers."


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