In order to meet the challenge of increasingly severe online infringements, Shenzhen will establish two new statutes: Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Cracking Down on Intellectual Property Rights Infringement and Shenzhen Computer Software Copyright Protection Measures.

Xu Youjun, director general of Intellectual Property Office of Shenzhen Municipality, has told local media that the counterfeiting sector has caused incredible damage to the copyright-related industries as well as the burgeoning Internet copyright industry. It is estimated that the sale of software will reduce by CNY3.71 billion for every 10% rise in pirating activity.

In addition, the Intellectual Property Office of Shenzhen Municipality will enforce its function to serve the public. It will seek the support of the National Copyright Administration and Copyright Protection Center of China to set up copyright commission institutions in Shenzhen to provide more convenient services for corporations and individuals. The Intellectual Property Office of Shenzhen Municipality will also work with the Internet Security Department in the Shenzhen Police Bureau to set up a Digital Work Copyright Certification Center which will protect the copyrights of authors and the promulgation of their works.


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