Qiao Xing Mobile's (QXM) subsidiary CECT subsidiary has unveiled the T100, a mobile phone featuring fingerprint recognition and streaming TV.

"The mobile handset industry has rapidly expanded and diversified from voice-based communications to data-driven applications, and as a result, we believe handset security will start to become a significant concern," commented CECT Chairman Wu Zhi Yang. "We believe there is tremendous market potential for handsets with technological features that are designed to safeguard data on both the device and over the network. Consumers have started to regularly use mobile phones for email and instant messaging, but as wireless applications become more sophisticated and telecom networks continue to increase their data connection speeds, we think people are going to start using their handsets to conduct such wireless transactions as electronic banking, securities trading and internet shopping."

Qiao Xing manufactures and sells mobile handsets based primarily on GSM, and t operates its business primarily through CECT, its 93.4%-owned subsidiary in China.

"The fingerprint recognition scanner on our new T100 model will specifically ensure that such confidential data that is stored on handsets remains secure. This phone, which also offers a sleek design and ultra long battery life in standby mode, marks the latest product release for us that is designed with differentiated features that specifically cater to mid to high-end mobile phone users," Wu said.


  1. Hi. First, hit the Windows symbol in the bottom left. This opens the Start menu. Hit the last/bottom option. This opens Settings. Now, in this page there should be 2 sub options at the bottom (just above where the start menu was.) The left option is highlighted in yellow. Hit the Right option. Now in the top right of the screen their should be a picture with a little green chess pawn and a blue speech bubble with a ! inside it. This is the language menu. Hit it. The top option is English. If it is not, it will be one of them. Select it by making a black dot appear in the white circle to the left of the option and then hit the bottom left option (where the start menu was.) This is the 'OK' button. Your phone should now be in English. Hope this helps! Mchael

  2. hi!
    i have a newly purchased CECT VX288 model but unfortunately the owner's manual is in chinese language. i am now wondering where i could get in Hongkong, or any outlet there..thanks
    Dr. Ricamora

  3. Hi

    can any one help, I have got a Cect P168 but its arrived ni chinese, can anyone tell me how to change it to english please, I am really stuck !

    Thanks in advance.

  4. can any one help, I have got a Cect P168 but its arrived ni chinese, can anyone tell me how to change it to english please, I am really stuck

  5. hi i need a CECT mobile phone software too :( my phone looks like nokia n73… but it's not .. and i think it's a CECT … send me pls the phone software :(( thnx

  6. Hi,

    I am unable to play any videos in my CECT phone that i am transferring from other phones. errror message is "invalid video file"

    PLease Help me on this.

  7. hey my cect T888 is a good phone,am working with a tour company and i like becouse it pictures are clear, but with out an english manual i can not utilize it fully. also can you mail me the website for cect. E-mail [email protected]

  8. I have purchased a CECT phone but not sure about which model.After a long search i got to know that its a CECT mobile phone.can anyone send me a CECT any model manual.

    can any one answer me some query regarding this phone.

    1.What kind of OS is installed in CECT phone?

    2. Can i installed additional software in this phone like i used to installed in Nokia N72
    Symbian phone??

    Thanks in advance.

    Mail me at [email protected]

  9. my cect p8300 is not working due to soft problem I want to load software for it how could I ? help please .i also want english user manual for it .please help me

  10. I am a propectus business man in Nigeria. Due to the current trend by internals on Nigeria(we are regarded as fraudstars) i will like to get to know more about the tv phones and how i can enter into a fraudulent FREE transactions. I reside in okokomaiko Lagos State and own a mobile phone shop in CC234,Alaba Int'l Market. Pls reply urgently(anyone with a good bargain)

  11. Hi, Im a proud owner of CECT T888 and i wish they could add features like bluetooth and pc sync.It sucks having to download almost everythin via USB.But the fon is so cool!

  12. Why do all of you idiots need these manuals for CECT mobile phones? Why didn't you think of that when you bought those Chinese phones? Obviously since so many don't have a manual, they are difficult to find, and therefore they probably are not available. Are there this many stupid consumers on planet earth that still buy dumb Chinese products?

  13. HI guys, i have a cect HLF-K808 phone – it has a chinese manual. i wonder if some of you have an english maual for that and if do so can you kindly send it to my emaol – [email protected] – another question – are cect phone capable of having other softwares like java, or ebooks, is it instalble. what os is being use in it. thank you for your help!

  14. hello can i get a english manual of the p900 slim. thanks,tehre is a problem with the camera pics. its too dark. wat 2 do?it keeps turn off too. thnks looking to hear from u. soon.nice phone.

  15. Hello,
    recently I purchased mobile phone – CECT 599. There are two languages to choose from. When I chose english language there still are some elements of the menu that are in chinese.
    Is there any way to completely replace chinese language with english? If yes, then where can I download adequate files?

  16. guys.. i have a cect s613 and i would appreciate it if anyone cud hand me some sites where i can have downloads for it. nd like an english manual for it.. tnx to guys..

  17. i hv cect p8300 mobile when powered on the display goes off..the technician here says software problem..can u send the complete software for the CECT P8300 mobile to my email id so that i can install the same…can u pls..help…tks…bye..

  18. Hi, i have purchased Chinese Mobile CECT S613 but the manual is Chinese Language how can i get a English Manual for my new purchased mobile CECT S613?

  19. cect to2
    it is a light-weight phone that has a media player, camera, video camera, and some weak ass games. it does feature the sim switch and works well with t_mobile in the US, on the west coast (SF) and east coast (Va). the web browser is only wap formatted and myspace and you tube had difficulty converting files. the media player does play movies in .3gp or .3pp or .mp4 format. (if the codec is correct) free rippers are dl-able online.
    The micro chip is replaceable, mine came with a 256mg card. in a compressd format, a standard movie takes up about 140m – 300m, pending on length of movie. I have the standard 2gig now.

    it's a good phone, hopefully china will get the cECT 888 up and running with windows mobile 6 soon.

    questions or interviews can be arranged @ [email protected]

  20. Hi all..
    I too got CECT 599 which is a cool mobile with all required facilities. Couldn't get Eng Manual; wonder if anyone has Eng manual, would they be kind enough to mail me at [email protected].
    The menu item in chinese is for "PC Sync", I suppose… and maynot be of gr8 use, as such. All other functions are checked and in case any user has queries, I can try to answer.
    Hav a gr8 day.

  21. Hi everyone,
    I recently buyed CECT P9100.
    If anyone has the English Manual of CECT p9100 please send me through email and also the software [where can i get the software[camera module not working]] OR If anyone knows the site or link it would be great help.
    Thanks in advance

  22. i have the cect p8300 but the problem here is,when i turn on it,it will be turn off its own…so i dont know what the problem here..it is because of virus or its software are running out..

  23. i WANT TO BUY A NEW usb Cable charger, 5.0v 500mA KN-A75D. This what is written on the Charger the UBs cable SKN 6371C 06098-0817662 other features written on the same cable is V2.0 longwell-p. I have a TV mobile Nokia E808 CECT made in China Can't use it without this Cable.

  24. I have the english manual for CECT 599 if anyone wants it. Im sorry but the eglish isn't that great but at least you have a chance.

  25. Hi Stan,

    I have just bought the CECT 599 and would really love to get hold of a user manual in english. Any chance you can email me a copy please?

    Thanks :)

  26. Hi,

    Purchased a CECT PDA T689 phone. Great phone especially with the dual sim features. I believe the phones from CECT is using the same operating system. Anyone can share their english version of the manual and has anyone installed 3rd party applications. Please share the information. You may email me at [email protected]

    Thank you

  27. I have china phone cect k808 very good but unable to set it up for MMS and the gprs internet please help me
    any english manual or just scanned pages are ok
    many thanks for every one

  28. I have purchased CECT P168. ITs a cheat and no support & software info are provided anywhere, The touch screen has stopped working. I used this sheldom . REquest don't purhcase cheap chinease product . They can sell but not maintain.

  29. hello i have a cect T888 phone it has really nice features but since i come from kenya the service providers have no settings for the phone. the manual is also not in english please advice

  30. Hi i have a CECT 599 and i was wondering what OS does it use. also what type of programs can i load on it eg games, google maps etc.

    can anyone tell me what the PDA capacity of the phone is?

  31. Hi.
    I am using Cect K915+ mobile.can any one answer me some query regarding this phone.

    1.What kind of OS is installed in CECT phone?

    2. Can i installed additional software in this phone / Wat type of files (themes and Games) does it supports

  32. Would appreciate anyone emailing me the manual in English for the P168 CECT iphone look alike.
    I need the last few pages in particular that list troubleshooting. Mine is stuck in earphone mode even when the earphone is unplugged. No sounds from the speakers/audio player except through the speakers. Any help would be appreciated
    [email protected]

  33. Hello Micheal!!
    i have a cect A380 and its with chinese language can Michel or somebody else tell me
    how can i make it in english language

  34. Hi,
    If anyone has the English manual for a CECT 599, could I please have a copy sent to my email. Otherwise please contact me if you have the manual.
    Kind Regards

  35. Hi,
    If anyone is still looking I managed to find a manual online for free for the CECT 599 and CECT P168. It is available at here hope this helps. Although I have worked out the phone now. If anyone knows what games this phones takes and how to get games on the phone I would like to know.

    Thanks Simone

  36. there are 135 people asking for english manuals on this forum and still no one replys! whoever has this english manual can u please respond?
    thx jules

  37. can anybody tell me if there is a software already for a cect p168 to get more applications downloaded to my phone like mp4 mp3 or programs please e-mail me back please

  38. I have the internet set up on my cect 599 and i am able to connect to the internet and browse but most sites that i have visited show up in chinese (google, hotmail and one or two others). my mobile operators site shows up in english and the phones menu is all in english. Has any1 else had this problem and do they know how to fix.



  39. hi , i have just bought the cect 599 and im on the o2 network , i carnt seem to get my mms or wap browser settings , can any one help ? .. thanks

  40. PLease sent me the full features of mobile CECT-V180.Please tell me everything about that mobile like how to zoom a picture, how to activate GPRS, how to on the Bluetooth? etc Thank You in advance.


  41. Its great, its amazing….but I coudnt utilized all features , coz theres no English Manual…can you email me it CECT A380 English manual?

  42. Please assist!!!!
    I recently acquired a CECT second hand KG98 Mobile Phone without a manual (off course) and accidentaly one of my kids hit * key then the number key then 0000 and then the number key again and the phone turned into Chinese language. Now I am stuck I don't know how to bring it back to normal. Can someone help. And can someone email me an English user's manual.

  43. Please assist!!!! I didn't indicate my email address.
    I recently acquired a CECT second hand KG98 Mobile Phone without a manual (off course) and accidentaly one of my kids hit * key then the number key then 0000 and then the number key again and the phone turned into Chinese language. Now I am stuck I don't know how to bring it back to normal. Can someone help. And can someone email me an English user's manual.My email address is: [email protected] Please assist me I am disperate

  44. i recently bought a cect 599 which i am made up with apart from the fact that i havent got a clue how to apply one of my audio files to be used as my ring tone, i am in desperate need for a user manual, please, please, please, could someone e-mail me an english manual? thanks. my e-mail address is [email protected]

  45. hello,
    i got problem playing video files on my cect599
    i tried 3gp and mp4 formats still doesn't play."INVALID VIDEO FILE"
    could anyone help me?


  46. Cal, to use mp3's as ring tones on the 599, you need to browse to the file, open the file you want, options and FORWARD TO USER PROFILE
    then on the main menu, you chose the USER PROFILES button (the green bell) icon and Customise the profile you want, go to TONE SETUP and select the ringtone for you INCOMING CALL.

    PS Im still after an english manual [email protected]


  47. i have been in touch with a Chinese dealer of the cect 599 and he informs me that at present there is no English manual but will be in the near future due to increased European sales.
    a couple of things i have discovered that may interest you-
    bring up the numbered keypad[as though you are making a call],then, it is better to do this with your stylus/pen, by pressing on the hash key for a couple of seconds will put your phone into silent mode press again to deactivate, by pressing the star key this will allow you to change sim cards without going into menu.
    i connected my phone to my pc via the usb cable and started to look through some of the pre-installed data, the mapbar on the extra feature,holds maps of the major city's in china, i don't know about you but they are useless to me, and when i found out these maps took up 218 MB of memory, thats half of my sd card, i deleted the data within the map folder[not the whole folder] and it has caused no problems, the mapbar feature is still there , i also deleted the karaoke data,the e-book data, and some other stuff like Chinese music.
    for those struggling with downloads and not able to use them as ringtones the download may not go into the audio file it quite often goes into the received file,if it is not in a file it will be below the file list. once found go to options and click on forward then choose user profiles it will then be with your ringtones, if you want to put the download into a specific file you have to copy or move it.if you move a download to your audio file, but it is not on your music player then go to list then options and click on refresh list.
    i have currently tried about 15 different programs to convert movie files to mp4 or 3gp so they will play full screen in landscape mode , but still haven't found one yet. if anyone has found out how to do this please tell us.
    it is pretty obvious that no English manual exists for the cect 599, so it is up to us to find out how to work these phones and when you do find something out let the rest of us know , how hard can it be?

  48. I have N95 china mobile in UK. both sims on at the same time and running NES game roms.
    I transfered my Razr vids straight over and use the same setting for converting video as my razr. works a treat for me.
    here is a pic of my phone model.

  49. Hi, I need the English manual for the CECT 168+
    Also, can you install 3rd party software such as voice recognition (voice to SMS in particular)?

  50. adams. you can not transfer anything from sd card to phone as there is no built in memory.
    saurus1000, go to: http://www.zen2cool.fr/ and click on downloads you'll find a couple there.
    mark, did you have to install a nes emulator first before downloading the nes rom

  51. I have CECT V 180 but as the manual is in chinese, I am unable to use it fully, pls mail me if there is any english manual available, also i want to know if any third party applications work in it as they do in nokia. Thanks.

  52. hi guys, anyone wanna help a damel in distress!! desperately in need of an english manual for the cect N95.. also i have no sofware to install my phone onto my pc to transfer images, music etc…… please help email at [email protected]

  53. If anybody is still looking for english manual for cect599 look at comment 127 on the 5th december the guy there found one and it is free to download and i have just done it and it works thanks to him
    Does anybody know how to get the mms to work cannot retrive the photo help ,need the settings have put old ones from my other phone but still no good what am i doing wrong

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