NEC Corporation says it has received orders for its Mobile Internet Platform from Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited, which commenced i-mode services in Hong Kong on May 30.

NEC's NEMIP enables the provision of i-mode service, one of the world's leading mobile Internet services. This platform is an integrated solution composed of well integrated subsystems such as gateways, mail server systems and portal systems which incorporate multi-operator functions.

One of the key factors of the gateway is that it enables users to gain easy, quick, and secure access to the large variety of rich content offered by i-mode service providers. The mail server system facilitates ease of use of i-mode mail services on the user's mobile phone, with video, audio and picture file attachments, filtering function, as well as full interoperability with other email or MMS enabled phones.

A portal subsystem delivers the content and makes it easy for users to manage their subscriptions and favorite services through a minimal number of clicks on each mobile terminal to personal menus and services. The platform offers complete management of user information, content and services information, agent charging and billing in addition to flexible support of new features for future release.

Furthermore, the multi-operator function, an enhanced feature of NEMIP, will allow mobile operators to share a common i-mode platform and service with their affiliated companies, thus enabling Hutchison Telephone (Macau) Company Limited, a subsidiary of HTHK, to introduce i-mode service in Macau in the near future.


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