Hong Kong's iMagine Corp and the Independent Online Distribution Alliance have announced a collaborative venture to distribute the IODA catalogue in the Greater china region.

Under the terms of this agreement, iMagine will act as IODA's proxy in the territory, licensing IODA's catalogue of just under one million independent tracks to Chinese retail and promotional partners. Reciprocally, iMagine's catalogue of World and Asian music from Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Chris Babida, Mainland Chinese poetic singer songwriter Ai Jing, and Orchids 18 will be distributed via IODA's extensive network outside of China, giving iMagine and its represented labels access to more than 350 retailers in North and South America, Europe and Australia.

"We are extremely proud to be partnering with IODA to drive this initiative," said iMagine founder Leslie Ching. "In China the development of new legitimate music discovery and distribution platforms are essential to establishing an economically viable and sustainable digital music ecosystem. Working together with IODA we will bring in a music catalogue comprised of the strongest quality from a highly adaptive group of labels willing to explore the innovative paths essential to opening and entering the Chinese market in a smart and measured fashion."


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