Fetion, a mobile chat service provided by China Mobile (CHL), will begin commercial operations today.

China Mobile has made Fetion one of the group's three main projects of this year. It plans to offer the service free of charge and aims to attract 25 million users for it within this year.

Rather than making it a pure instant messaging application like QQ and MSN, China Mobile regards Fetion as a symbol of the incorporation between telecom networks and the Internet and an important application platform during the 3G era. China Mobile has positioned Fetion as a comprehensive communications service which will focus on wireless communications, with Internet applications as a complement.


  1. I've been looking for an English version of Fetion for months with no luck. It would be nice if China Mobile could take the time to translate the small amount of text used in the program into other languages, but you know the Chinese. If you can understand or read Chinese in China, they don't give a shit. Better luck next life getting an English version of something out of China Mobile.

  2. Why do foreigners expect China to bow to their demands? You are in China: a country with 1.3+ billion people. Why in heavens name should the Chinese waste time creating language tools for an extremely insignificant portion of their user base?

  3. because part of the reason china economy is becoming a success is do to foreign investment, foreign business and china a opening its boarders. Also Fetion is an internet based communications tool. the internet has you know has no borders. the customer base should not be only limited to china. and also not all 1.2 billion people in china has internet access to use fetion, so your number is not very accurate. please do some research before you speak thank you.

  4. Anyone find a feasable English solution for Fetion? Still digging around? If I find anything I'll be sure to post it on my blog blog.daviddho.com

  5. I agree with Sam,we in the english speaking west should not always expect China to cater for english speakers.If we were less arrogant they might be more willing to help.I dont like the term west really.China is in the West if you look far enough.We should all be in this together.Not always talking about east and west.

  6. I have got fetion thanks to my friends in Beijing,and I would like to use it more easily though. But I try to learn Chinese instead of demanding an English version.


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