China's Ministry of Information Industry has handed out a number of undisclosed punishments against some of China's top wireless value-added service providers.

Because of coercive ordering and group sending of spam text messages, more than 30 information service providers have been included in this new round of sanctions. It is still unclear, according to local media reports and MII's website, what type of punishments have been handed out.

Companies included on blacklists include Beijing Qingdiao Wanwei Telecom Technology Company, Shanghai Mtone Wireless, Beijing Hexun Online Information Consulting Company and Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Company.

Other firms include Hangzhou Caitong Network Technology Company, Beijing Hehe Shengshi Technology Company, Beijing Zhongchen Zaixin Communications Technology Company, Beijing Hutong Wuxian Technology Company, Beijing Weishen Xinye Technology Company and Beijng Shenyu Liaoyuan Network Technology Company.


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