According to a statement issued by China's State Administration of Industry and Commerce, a special check will be conducted on all key mobile phone markets in the Chinese capital city, with special attention on 12 types of fake mobile phones.

The 12 types of mobile phones are the SnogErisscon W958c, SunyElicssonCECTi658, SunyElicssomP999, SunyElicssonW810i, ScnyEriossonZTC5680, NOKIA6030, NOKIA6630, NOKIA6681, NOKIA8800, NOKIAN70, NOKIAN-Gage, and NOKIAVERTU. Besides their names, these types of phones look identical to the real products sold by Sony Ericsson and Nokia in China.

Sellers of other fake mobile phones will also be punished once they are identified.

Consumers are asked to report to the 12315 telephone hotline if they find any counterfeit mobile phones.


  1. yeah thats better cuz lot o' fake one's are sold even in the overseas. imagine 1 out of 3 mobile handsets are found to be fake in some chinese provinces.
    it's not only in china but also around the world…

    thanks and regards Nomad

  2. yep i got some nokia n95 8 gig phones from china off alibaba, they were all fakes, branded as nokia with nokia boxes and manuals , but the phones were not real, when turned on they say "nokoa"

    no one can help me.

  3. I do repair phone,here in Nigeria.Can the China send to me the mother board of all the China phones product? so that I can of help to people here in Nigeria to wipe away their tears to their china phones that has problem(s) Here is me mobile number 08055750991(Nigeria)


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