GoMacau.com says it has acquired 100% of Macau.com, Macau's top Internet site.

"The acquisition of Macau.com significantly extends GoMacau.com's consumer reach," says GoMacau.com CEO Christina Siaw. "The brands complement each other well, and will be marketed on a global basis which is good for all of Macau. GoMacau.com will remain Macau's Travel Insider and focus its business on e-commerce travel for inbound and outbound FITs, groups, and businesses, as well as on Macau's growing exhibition and convention segment. Macau.com will be the gateway from which customers access information and are directed to relevant businesses."

GoMacau.com is owned by MKW Capital Management, a private equity fund that also owns VIVA Macau, an international airline and other businesses based in Macau.

According to the company, Macau.com will now serve as Macau's premier portal, where users will have access to a wide variety of Macau-related information and businesses, including news, real estate, employment, gaming, exhibitions and travel. GoMacau.com plans to expand Macau.com's reach, content, and functions over the coming months to solidify Macau.com as the first stop for anyone interested in Macau.

GoMacau.com soft launches the overhauled Macau.com website by the end of June, with plans for ongoing updates throughout the summer. Macau.com will be available in English and Chinese to start. With GoMacau.com promising an in-house booking engine in the coming weeks, the company is now in a position to aggressively market both the Macau.com and GoMacau.com brands to a world increasingly interested in Macau.


  1. Really wanna know how much Macau.com costs. Macau's booming tourism and gaming industry is really adding values to this domain.


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