After hearing consumer and industry complaints about China's disorderly mobile phone camera market, the Ministry of Information Industry now says it will soon publish a mobile phone camera standard.

MII says the standard will be formally implemented on October 1 of this year. Named YD/T1607 Digital Mobile Terminal Image and Video Frequency Transmission Technology Specification and Testing Method, the new standard will be drafted by China Telecommunication Technology Labs, led by China Communications Standards Association, and will be enacted by MII.

It will be made on the basis of the relevant international standards and in reference to the relevant domestic industry standards while giving attention to the real situation of China's mobile terminal technology development.

According to CCSA, the new standard will make specifications on camera resolution testing, color testing, dynamic response testing, the brightness testing of color panel display equipment, contrast testing, and chroma testing.

This standard, however, is reportedly not going to be compulsory, leading consumers to perhaps think why time and effort went into making this non-standard standard.


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