China Telecom (CHA) has published a series of measures it plans to take to stop pornography.

On June 21, China Youth Daily reported that Hunan ChinaVnet, a service of China Telecom, contained sexually explicit images and files. Following China Youth Daily's report that Hunan ChinaVnet contained illegal content, China Telecom says it immediately took action to solve the issue. It has set up a special investigation team to investigate the matter and asked its affiliate Hunan Telecom to punish the relevant people involved in the operation of ChinaVnet.

China Telecom has also termimated the cooperation with Hunan Hexun Technology Company, the service provider involved in the case, and it has required its affiliates at all levels to re-check their online content and further improve their management rules. Finally, China Telecom has apologized to the public for having this improper content.

The seven measures China Telecom has promised to implement for the sake of combating unhealthy content in China include holding a struggle session about the ChinaVnet service to draw lessons and learn from those mistakes. The other measures involve enhancing the training of Internet management and operational staff; strengthening the internal management of ChinaVenet service; strengthening the supervision and management of service providers; enlarging investment and realizing real-time supervision as soon as possible; setting up a full-range supervision system and fully perfecting the existing management rules.


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