Jiangsu Provincial Software Industry Promotion Rule, the first local regulation for China's domestic software industry, was formally implemented on July 1, 2007 to ensure priority to be given to the development of the software industry.

Consisting of 48 clauses in a total of six chapters, the new rule states the promotion of the software industry from four aspects of talent guarantee, intellectual property rights protection, service guides and support measures, apart from the general principles and supplementary articles.

It mainly prescribes that problems be solved for the software industry development by asking concerned departments to shift from managing the software industry to better serving the software industry. The rule says this can happen by deploying resources at various government levels to offer support to the development of software industry.

Jiangsu Province has been attaching great importance to the development of software industry. Since the 10th Five-Year Period, the province's software industry has been growing by more than 70% annually and the province ranked third in China in terms of software sales revenue in 2006.


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