After a consumer in Gansu Province died from an explosion caused by the battery of his Motorola mobile phone, Motorola has reportedly sent staff to coordinate with the local government's investigation of the accident.

On June 19, Xiao Jinpeng, an electric welder, was working when the battery of his mobile phone exploded and he was mortally wounded. Gansu police found that the mobile phone Xiao was using was a Motorola brand, but the types of the mobile phone and the batteries used for the phone have not been disclosed.

A representative from the police department said that the mobile phone Xiao used is a new product from Motorola and it had been used for about six months. It is not known whether the battery is the original Motorola-made or a fake battery and the investigation is underway.

Fake versions of famous products in China often have quality products, resulting in consumer confusion and misplaced bad feelings towards the hijacked company. In February 2007, fake milk from Mengniu, an established and reputable Chinese brand associated with the National Basketball League in the United States, made its way into Beijing supermarkets. Unfortunately that fake Mengniu milk contained hazardous substances and had to be pulled from shelves, causing consternation among consumers.


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