More than 40 domain name registration service providers in China have jointly signed a self-discipline convention, the first of its kind in the industry in China, in order to help the solve the problems resulting from the unbalanced and non-standard service in the domain name service market.

The new convention, entitled Internet Domain Name Registration Service Self-discipline Convention, is meant to crackdown on illegal behavior and protect users' interests. The China Internet Network Information Center has been designated as the execution body of the Convention and will supervise the implementation of the Convention by each service provider.

The 40 domain name service providers have made eight commitments to the public, including not misguiding users to register domain names or excessively disturbing them via telephone, fax or emails.

These 40 companies have accounted for two-thirds of China's total domain name registration service providers and collectively own over 90% of the countries Internet domain names. More service providers are reportedly expected to join this convention soon.


  1. That's a good beginning, and hopefully the start of the cleaning up of the hosting industry in China. The CNNIC should also begin to be more active in that regard.


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