News from Chinese anti-virus company Rising is that the Chinese mainland has become one of the most serious computer virus-stricken regions in the world with over 35 million computers attacked by viruses in the first half of this year.

Rising's latest report on China's computer virus epidemic and Internet security in the first half of this year shows that Rising blocked a total of 133700 computer virus last year, and 37% of those were obviously targeted at Chinese domestic users or with "Made in China" characteristics.

The report points out that there are a great deal of hidden troubles in domestic Internet software and applications that apparently lack effective protection measures. Often software makers do not spend time creating patches for their software, leading virus makers to attack the holes in the applications.

The report suggests computer users use legitimate operating systems so they can better download patches and learn to upgrade their software so they form good habits for online surfing.


  1. i think this is a very good explanation about computer viruses but i also think that it needs some more information about it. if you please can put some more information i've more than happy..


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