China's Ministry of Information Industry is reportedly sending experts to conduct on-the-spot surveys of telecom enterprises and research institutions with the aim of setting new pricing structures.

According to local media, after the teams gather the opinions of various parties and review the relevant costs next month, MII will finally work out an upper limit for the mobile phone roaming fee, which is expected to come out around December this year.

According to a survey conducted by MII reported in local media, 64% of the users think the roaming fee should not be charged and 22% of the users believe that roaming fee should be CNY0.1 higher than the local communication fee.

Kan Kaili, a telecom expert and professor from Beijing University of Telecom and Post, reportedly says that the cost for mobile phone roaming service is almost zero, but the operators now charge CNY0.2 per minute for it. Under the pressure of various parties, Chinese telecom operators have begun to offer different kinds of discounts and some have even canceled the roaming fee in some provinces.


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