Alibaba has recently begun a beta test on its new online advertising distribution website Alimama, which is scheduled to be formally launched in the second half of this year.

Alimama, as a subsidiary of Alibaba, will share resources with Alibaba's other services including B2B areas,, Alipay and Alisoftware.

In order to fulfill the requirements for having its B2B business listed in Hong Kong, Alibaba has already transformed each of the above service departments into subsidiaries, and set an independent board of directors of each of them.
After its B2B business gets listed, Alibaba will reportedly fully promote the resource exchange pattern of Alimama within the entire group.


  1. For western buyers looking for chinese suppliers, for me is ahead of;
    Why do we always read so many news about Alibaba?
    Suppliers and buyers are complaining about their poor services… I hope these new online services will be much better now.


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