Qiao Xing Mobile's (QXM) subsidiary CEC Telecom has signed a CNY1 billion agreement with Bei Dou Communication & Equipment Company, one of the largest mobile handset Internet sales platform in China to establish a new e-commerce and promotional outlet for selling the company's handsets.

According to the agreement, both companies have agreed to deepen strategic ties, especially related to Internet sales, retail channel development, as well as other value-added services.

The new alliance between the two companies marks a significant breakthrough in the handset industry in China as it adds an additional marketing and promotional component to the traditional distribution platform and TV infomercial sales network.

Through this agreement, CECT will able to deal with retail outlets as well as customers directly via Bei Dou's handset e-commerce platform. CECT will provide a set of training programs to retailers, including product education, pricing management, customer targeting and other selling techniques, as well as technical support.


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