According to local media, a representative from Google (GOOG) China says the company has already completed the acquisition of 60% of

However foreign media reports say that Google still does not own a majority stake in the Chinese company.

Either way, Google and are jointly launching a new service called "Wen Da" (Ask and Answer), which Google claimed earlier was a further strategic cooperation between the parties. In April, added Google's search feature onto its website. At present, Google's objects of investment include Thunder and 265 Navigation.

Founded in March 1999, is a large online community and social networking platform in China. At present, has about 20 million registered users.


  1. This makes no sense. Out of all the great and rising stars of SNS in China, why ? They have dropped dramitcally in the market, are the lowest they have been since their launch, and if Google aims to capture firm stakes in SNS in China, than why not invest in the leaders,, ? This investment makes no sense, unless Seqoua the orginal invester in Tianya and orginal backer of Google, gave Google the site at a really cheap price as its fallen out of the Top 10 ranks of SNS in China. If I had the deep pockets of Google than why not buy a stake in, or ?

  2. i also agree .. Tianya is very old website. i like it but for forum only. wangyou is no good anymore, they close office in beijing and move to shanghai only. if i google is good to buy..360quan is very good to buy or invest..uume no good anymore..also ipart is good..stupid for google to do with tianya


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