Zhejiang University has prepared a special gift to freshman from poor families who are going to enroll at the University this autumn semester by offering each of them a mobile phone and two years of free calling.

Zhejiang University has opened what it calls a Green Channel for these students. After completing an application form, each of the students will get the mobile phone and phone call fee jointly offered by the school and China Unicom.

Fei Yingqin, director of Zhengjiang University's Students Work Department, said that mobile phone has become a daily necessity, as much of the important information of the school is sent to students via an SMS platform, and it is necessary to give a mobile phone to poverty-stricken students who don't have a phone.

In 2007, Zhejiang University recruited more than 5300 undergraduate students. It is estimated that about 10% of them are from needy families.


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