The Online Copyright Alliance of Internet Society of China says it will soon build a copyright information bulletin platform in order to better protect online copyrights and speed the popularization of Internet applications.

At present, due to the opacity of online copyright information, there is few chances for Internet companies to buy copyrights from the original creators. This has caused a lot of fraud and seriously blocked the development of Internet services within China. Statistics shown by local media via the ISC show that in 2006 about 65% of Internet users distrusted Internet content and one of the main reasons for this situation was the difficulty in protecting online copyrights.

Wang Bin, secretary general of Online Copyright Alliance of ISC, says that the new platform will further consummate the legal works' circulation, carry out certification on the copyright of relevant copyright owners with a focus on building an overseas works verification channel, lower the risk of purchasing online copyrights, launch special services for users to report fake copyright owners, and publicize the blacklist of illegal copyright owners.

In addition, ISC will set up a copyright dispute intercession center to coordinate and solve the disputes between copyright owners and Internet companies and balance the interests of all the concerned parties.


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