More than 5000 employees from a Shenzhen company are collectively picketing their employer, a German mobile phone component maker, for prolonging working hours and lowering their wages.

According to a report in Chinabyte, the factory, Feihuang Electronic Factory, is located in Shenzhen's Bao'an District and is engaged in making mobile phone components such as batteries and chargers for famous mobile phone companies like Nokia and Motorola. The factory has more than 10000 employees and over 90% of them are female from Sichuan, Hunan and Hubei.

According to the workers, from last month on, the factory asked each of them to make 90 more chargers every hour and if they could not finish the task they needed to work extra hours, or they would not get the basic salary. From the evening of August 22 on, about 5000 workers began their strike and some of them reportedly broke into the facilities of the factory.

The local labor department has intervened into the case, but no negotiation result has yet been reached.


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