Changzhou National Hi-Tech District says that UFIDA Software is establishing a new research and development base in the Changzhou Software Park in Jiangsu.

This is the fourth R&D base that UFIDA Software has established outside its headquarters. The new base will develop the company's next generation of UFIDA Tong SMB management software, as one of its three strategic production lines.

"There are many institutions of higher education in Changzhou, which will endlessly supply UFIDA's new R&D base. It was because of the large potential market, policies, and the endless source of talent, that the Company decided to locate its R&D base in Changzhou, after spending some six months comparing and investigating other cities," said Yang Zhixiong, senior vice president of UFIDA.

After 19 years of development, UFIDA Software says it has 1,400 full time R&D staff and more than 500,000 customers nationwide. It has evolved into one of the largest corporate management software supplier based in the Asia-Pacific Region.


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