Shenzhen Airlines has signed with OnAir from Switzerland to introduce mobile phone calling service in the air.

After applying for an international roaming service for their mobile phones, passengers will be able to use their mobile phones to freely make a phone call, send short messages, and work or chat online during their flying. The service will be charged as international roaming.

Shenzhen Airlines plans to put the first batch of three planes with such service into operation before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and try to bring the service to all its flights by 2009.

Relevant surveys reported by local media show that 69% of the business passengers hope to keep their mobile phones on during their flying, 93% of them hope they can send and receive emails on board, 94% of the passengers wish to answer phone calls on the plane, and 82% of them hope that they can make phone call and send emails when flying.

Shenzhen Airlines is the first Chinese airline company that has adopted the advanced technology.


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