Over 1000 employees from Foxconn Guohong have reportedly been quarantined because of epidemic conjunctivitis that has been spreading in Shenzhen's Bao'an and Longgang District in the recent two months.

According to local media reports, in front of the E tower of Foxconn Guohong's staff dormitory, a yellow sign has separated the Quarantine Area from the normal area. An employee surnamed Li has told local media that Foxconn's Guohong dormitory is for normal employees and the E tower can hold several thousand people. According to the employee, the patients are not allowed to get out of the dormitory. They eat in the cafeteria inside the dormitory building and doctors are also available in the building to treat them.

Staff from Foxconn's Health Department said it is not convenient for them to disclose the latest progress of the disease. In early August, over one thousand staff from Foxconn contracted the red eye disease, but Foxconn said at that time the disease had been basically controlled.


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