Online marketers and advertisers have a number of considerations to make prior to deciding to embed Flash animations in their email campaigns in China says a new white paper titled "The Perils & Promise Of Flash Email Marketing Campaigns In China", issued by XZList, the leading email mailing list management service in China.

One of the first ideas would-be Internet marketers in China cling to is that the use of Flash in their email campaigns will bring them increased clickthroughs, better brand recognition, and heightened consumer interaction. But according to XZList's recent study and white paper, using Flash in email campaigns should only be used in email campaigns targeted at users utilizing specific email services.

Whereas many marketers outside of China already shun Flash-based emails, Web-based email in China is different than popular Web-based email services in the rest of the world. This means marketers in China need not fear Flash-based email as much as outside of the country. While Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail can not display Flash within their emails, Chinese email services like,,, and do provide Web-based email services that can display Flash messages. This comes as a surprise to many email marketers working outside of China who often assume that Chinese Web-based providers would also block Flash-embedded emails.

The eight-page white paper is available as a free download from XZList's website at It is available either as an English-language download or a Chinese-language download.

With services dating back to 1997, XZList is China's largest and oldest email list management service, currently providing software, security, and consulting to corporations operating in China. XZList manages over 200 corporate email lists and ensures clients maximize their return on loyalty marketing, public relations campaigns, and email publishing. The XZList team has driven the email campaigns of some of the world's largest companies and some of Asia's most enduring brands.


  1. I would strongly not suggest using flash in any email campaigns. We have researched internally and stick to traditional straight text or simple html emails only. HTML for us has the highest performance. New View Media


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