According to the results of an evaluation from the National Approved Enterprise Technology Center in China, nine companies have had their national approved enterprise technology center qualifications revoked.

According to local media, the nine companies are Shenzhen Changyuan New Material Holding Company, Inner Mongolia Yili Industry Group Corporation, Hebei Baoshuo Group, Sanjiu Group, Beijing Zhaowei Electronics Group Company, BOE Technology Group Company, Yunnan Li Phosphate Chemical Group Company, Huoli Erba Group, and Liuzhou Huaxi Group Technology Center. Most these companies scored less than 60 in their respective evaluations. Huoli Erba reportedly did not submit materials for the evaluation and Liuzhou Huaxi scored between 60 and 65 for two consecutive years, so they both were assessed as unqualified.

In addition, 26 companies, including Beijing Zhongke Sanhuan High-Tech Holding Company have been asked to rectify their businesses, though they scored over 60.

In comparison with the above enterprises, ten other companies like Haier, Shanghai BaoSteel, Wanxiang Group, Taiyuang Steel Group Company, Tianjin Bohai Chemical Group, ZTE, Shougang, China LCO, Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group Company, and China FAW Group Corporation have been accredited as excellent enterprises.


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