According to foreign media, Lenovo has launched a solar power based desktop computer ThinkCentre A61e, which is much more environmentally friendly than past offerings.

The computer has energy-saving features and is small in size so that it can be put anywhere. The computer is said to have passed the certification of EPA and its energy efficiency has reached 85%. With an AMD Athlon 64 X2 double core processor, the computer uses 50% less power compared with other computers. What's more, 90% of the components of the computer can be recycled.

Apart from using environmentally friendly materials, Lenovo has set a low speed fan for the computer, which makes it quieter. The computer is priced at US$399.


  1. Lenovo did what?!?! if I use the computer outside in the sun, how will I see the screen from the glare of sunshine? And isn't it bad to have the computer in direct contact with the sun for long periods of time?

  2. James, I think Lenovo has taken into consideration the sun glare issue and also having direct sunlight affect its' performance. remember, this company used to be the PC division of IBM.

  3. My cousin who is a doctor who works out in a remote area of Mexico. Is in need of a solar powered computer. He is many miles for a major town with computers. Can you help me find a computer he can use. Thank you for all your help. It is greatly appreciated.


    Liza Pabon


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