China's National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center has set up a command office, which is also called the "Online 110", for computer virus emergency responses to direct and allocate various parties to quickly address the computer virus safety issues.

Zhang Jian, director of CNVERC, says that more than 90% of the computers in China have been attacked by viruses in 2007 and the top ten computer viruses are all related to online crime, otherwise known as phishing.

Since May 2006, there have been several viruses that stole users' passwords and accounts. This has seriously threatened China's Internet application development and is the main reason why CNVERC has set up this new office.

A China representative from Spamhaus, the world's largest anti-spam email organization, applauded the decision and said the enforcement of anti-spam and anti-virus rules would give Chinese netizens a safer online environment.


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