China and France have signed a joint declaration on the strategic cooperation on science and technology.

The parties have emphasized that each of them has attached great importance on a partnership based on mutual benefit and expressed their willingness to continue strengthening the bilateral cooperation on technology.

China's Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang and French Minister of Higher Education and Research signed the joint declaration, in which the parties say that they are satisfied with the achievement they have made in the field of science and technology in the recent years, particularly in the communication and exchange between the technology professionals between the two countries. In the light of the potential for their cooperation, and in consideration that cooperation on science and technology is also an important part of the two countries' cooperation, they hope to further their effort on the aspect.

China and France signed the original technology cooperation agreement in 1978. At present, the two countries are mainly cooperating on information technology, medical studies, electric vehicles, space technology, environmental services, renewable energy and nuclear energy.


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