Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, president of Google (GOOG) China, has disclosed to local media that Google will initiate a large scale marketing campaign in China in the coming months in order to attract more users to try their hands on Google's products.

Lee made the remarks at a search engine forum , and he said this marketing activity is aimed at driving new users to Google's products. Lee said this is the first time that Google has ever launched such a marketing action in China. According to various surveys and polls in China, Google usually ranks second, much lower than rival Baidu.com (BIDU), in traffic for Chinese-language search engines.

Google's internal data shows that the quality of the company's Chinese language search has been improving and the gap between the company and other mainstream search service providers is narrowing. Lee says he is confident that Google will be a premier search tool for users, but he admits this will take some time.


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