CDC Games has launched the Korea-based Shine Online in China.

Shine is a 3D massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Ons On Soft, appealing to various age groups, especially to a growing segment of female players.

The Shine Online launch follows an open beta program in which approximately 600,000 registered users played the game during this testing phase. The commercial launch includes significant marketing campaigns throughout China, including placement at more than 20,000 Internet cafes.

"We are very excited about today's launch of Shine Online," said John Huen, Chief Operating Officer, Optic Communications, a business unit of CDC Games. "With the addition of Shine Online, we now have six commercially available games including Yulgang, one of the most successful online games in China, along with Special Force, Shaiya, EVE Online and Mir 3, and more than 10 games in our pipeline. With our recent launch of CDC Games International, our international games subsidiary that currently is offering five new games for southeast Asia and Taiwan, and preparations for a new game launch in North America through CDC Games USA, CDC Games is well positioned as one of the premiere global online games companies with broad international diversification."


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