News from a Taiwan PC manufacturer quoted in local Chinese media is that Dell (DELL) and Chinese home appliance manufacturer Haier have both expressed their interest in acquiring Founder, the third largest PC manufacturer in mainland China, to increase their market share in China's PC market.

Founder, which ranks third in China's PC manufacturing market only next to Lenovo and HP, has seen a continuing decline of sales and market share in the past five quarters. Haier, as the sixth largest PC manufacturer in China, has expressed its hope of acquiring Founder to expand its laptop computer business.

The report says that based on Haier's financial status, the company is capable of acquiring Founder. However, as Dell has not yet fully formed a complete retail base in China, it may pose some risks for it to acquire Founder at this time.

Apart from Dell and Haier, Taiwan-based Acer is also reportedly interested in the acquisition.



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