News from PConline is that China Unicom (CHU) has formally launched the 156 prefix number section for mobile phones to join its existing number sections prefixed with 130, 131 and 132.

Since September, China Unicom has been running a marketing campaign, attracting users to seize the lucky numbers prefixed with 156, which mainly targets high-end post-paid GSM network users.

The services that China Unicom has launched for this group of high-end users include offering them a special reception counter at the business hall and providing them with special telephone service, prior authorization and guarantees, in addition to the usual services enjoyed by other common users.

In order to make the 156 number section a high-end brand, China Unicom has completely upgraded its GSM network and prepared a 64 kilobyte smart card for the users of this number section to enable them to enjoy more privileged services. For the cost, China Unicom has canceled the previous monthly package fee, and adopted a building block style fee pattern which features more options and is more flexible for users.

In addition, China Unicom has opened international roaming and call-back service for 156 number section users. Users only need to dial ***100 before they can enjoy the fee of CNY5.88 per minute for international roaming service.


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